Frequently Asked Questions

What types of health insurance do you accept?

This is a private clinic, insurance does not cover treatments. Some countries allows you to write it off your taxes. You need to inquire with your local tax authorities. 

What do I need to bring each time?

Always bring a towell and a sheet, a bottle of water, enough cash. We have no shoes policy, if you need, bring sleepers. Leave your jewelery, watches  at home or store them in your bag. Your lab results if the doctor asked you so.

What if I don't show up - Cancel?

Life happens, we understand. Give us a propper heads-up time. We have a 24 hours cancellation notice. In the event of a shorter cancellations you will need to pay for the appointment.

Please have in mind, hydrotherapy requires 18 hours of fasting prior to the visit. Canceling on a short notice means you took an appointment away from another client. It is very difficult to replace such appointments. We will require full payment prior to next booking.

We reserve the right to change the appointments  to optimize the work of the clinic and accomodate more patients.

What are the methods of payments?

We accept cash payments and when paying for a treatment program in advance we offer a discount. 

You can pay as you go, per session and no discounts apply. We do not offer any discounts on medication or supplements. 

​We accept international transfers. Inquire for details.

We accept pesos and bank transfers to the debit card:

Valentina Arline Campos Garcia


Card number 4152 3138 8464 7590


How many treatments are typically needed?

Our signature 21 day detox – Return to wellbeing program takes 4-7 weeks. On average, a client receives 40 treatments of which are:  21 days of ozone therapies, 4-8 accupunctures, 4-6 colonic hidrotherapies, 2-4 meta therapies, 2-4 feet detox, and homeopathic, naturopathic medicine treatments. 

Depends on the state of your body, some additional treatments might be reccomended.

How long are the sessions

First visit with diagnostics takes 2 hours. 
Doctor’s consultations are from 30 – 60 min. 

Colon hidrotherapy takes 90 minutes

Acupuncture takes 60-90 minutes

Meta therapy takes up to 60 minutes

Ozone therapy takes up to 30 minutes

Feet detox takes 45 minutes

What illneses do you treat?

We do not treat illnesses! Using non-toxic and non-invasive treatments and medicine, we support the body, to heal itself. Regardless the symptoms, diagnosis, or prognoses, we help restore or improve your health and well-being. We do that in partnership with you and commitment you made to achieve your health goal.

Are walk-ins welcome?

We are not a regular clinic. It is by appointments only. 

Most of the appointments are reserved for clients on a treatment plan. Once you are with us, we give you absolute pririty with booking additional treatments, when that benefit the healing process. Since the treatment process takes 4-7 weeks, with 40 appointments per client,  they occupy most of our weekly schedule. Some clients, that have completed treatment program continues with weekly or monthly maintainance program. 

Make sure to always contact us to book an appointment first. Our saff is bussy attending to our booked appointments.

WhatsApp or email us. We’ll make time for you. 




Dárcena Mz. 20, Lote 8 y 9 Santa Cruz, Paseo Marina, 2 Piso, Sector A, 70987 Bahia Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico

We are on the 2nd floor of the red house in the Marina Santa Cruz.

Metod of payment

We accept pesos and bank transfers to the debit card:

Valentina Arline Campos García
Card number 4152 3138 8464 7590



+52 958 115 2683

+52 722 360 7382

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

10 to 18 hrs

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