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Healing Your Body, Mind and Soul
Dr Valentina Campos performing acupuncture acupuncture needels on a womans tummy

Balance your life energies

A study of the balance of the vital function of the Organism. It is an integral part of Chinese medicine with roots in ancient times, with at least 4,000 years of history.  The acupuncture process begins with diagnosis, then identification of syndromes, choice of treatment principle, choice of points, choice of needle manipulation technique, point location, method of insertion, and qi elicitation.

Dr Valentina Campos adding headsets to a male patient before performing NLS Bio-Reonance Metatherapy on a male patient
Meta Therapy

Whole body non-linear healing

This non-linear system is considered one of the best non-invasive , comprahensive and complete alternatives to identify the general condition of a patient, effective tool to diagnose, prevent, and also treat illnesses at all stages. 

Dr Valentina Campos uzing a pen made of stone preforming fingers acupuncture on a womans hand

A personal approach

  • Reflexology
  • Foot massage
  • Chi-Machine
  • Thermotherapy-Infrared
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Foot Hydrotherapy​
Therapeutic sucction cups placed on a womans back for Cupping Therapy

Detox your body and mind

The therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. It helps with pain reduction, inflammation reduction, improving blood flow, interstitia and body detox, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Dr Valentina Campos explaining a male patient about the colon hidrotherapy in the treatment room next to the machine for hydroclonic
Colon Hydrotherapy

Health’s fundamentals

It is a safe and effective method for cleaning the organic residues accumulated over time in the walls of the intestines by applying a copious amount of water at different temperatures and with controlled pressure into the large intestine. Waste can accumulate in our colon, decrease its muscle action, inhibit  nutrients absorption and foment parasite growth creating many health problems.

Dr Valentina Campos performing application of ozon ozon therapy in a treatent room with a female patient 1

Regenerate, Rejuvinate, Live Pain-Free

Successive, at least 10, optimal 21 applications of medical ozone increase the supply of oxygen to the cells of the body. It activates blood circulation, promote liver detoxification, reduction of cholesterol and uric acid levels, by assisting eliminating solid components from the blood. It improves the cellular capacity to repair itself, substantially decreasing cell damage due to lack of oxygenation, regardless of the underlying causes. 

Dr Valentina having a naturopathic consultation in a treatment room with a male patient
Natural Consultation

What is Functional Medicine or PNI?

Functional Medicine, also known as Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, is a scientific discipline that seeks to restore health and promote well-being through a therapeutic approach focused on integrated knowledge of human biology and physiology.

Functional Medicine develops in an environment that conditions

Its functional balance on multiple levels

Unlike conventional medicine, which usually segments and treats organs and systems in isolation, Functional Medicine considers the body as a constantly evolving stationary system that seeks to maintain an active balance and adapt to its environment.

Why is it done?

Functional Medicine is carried out with the aim of understanding the causes and processes that lead to the loss of health or disease in an individual. This approach seeks to delve into the origin and causes of functional and physiological imbalances, instead of simply treating the symptoms in isolation.

By understanding how our organs and systems interact and respond with each other, as well as with the environment in which we find ourselves, we can approach health from a more holistic perspective and look for effective therapeutic solutions.

What does it consist of?

Functional Medicine adopts an integrative therapeutic approach, considering various aspects of the individual’s health. It recognizes that the person and his internal environment, which includes his own cells, microbiota and genetics, develop in an environment that conditions his functional balance at multiple levels. This therapeutic approach is based on scientific evidence and plausible biological models to understand the functioning of the organism.

Functional Medicine integrates the interrelationship between the functional axes of the organism, such as psychological, neurological, social, endocrinological, metabolic and immunological. Through a transversal and dynamic look at the health and disease model, it seeks to restore health and functional balance from a functional and physiological perspective, delving into the causes and origin of imbalances. Therapeutic interventions based on scientific evidence are used and an individualized approach is promoted for each patient.

What specialists treat her?

To prepare for Functional Medicine, it is essential to look for health professionals who are trained and specialized in this discipline.

These professionals may include doctors, nutritionists, therapists and other comprehensive health specialists. In addition, it is important that patients are proactive and actively participate in their health and disease process.

Maintaining two-way communication with the health professional and providing relevant information about medical history and lifestyle is essential for personalized and effective care.

Care during Functional Medicine treatments

During Functional Medicine treatments, it is crucial to follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by the health professional.

These treatments may include changes in diet and lifestyle, nutritional supplementation, stress management, complementary therapies and other interventions based on scientific evidence.

It is important to be consistent and committed to the treatment plan, and communicate any changes or side effects experienced during the process so that the professional can adjust the focus as necessary.

Alternatives to this treatment

Although Functional Medicine is a comprehensive and effective approach to promoting health and well-being, there are other more advanced therapeutic alternatives that can be considered in specific cases. These can include more specialized pharmacological treatments, gene therapies, cell therapies and other innovative therapies in constant development in the field of medicine. The choice of alternatives depends on individual needs and conditions, and it is important to consult with a health professional to determine the most appropriate options.

In short, Functional Medicine is based on an integrative therapeutic approach that considers the organism as a constantly evolving system. It seeks to restore health and promote functional balance through interventions based on scientific evidence and plausible biological models. With an active and responsible participation of the patient, Functional Medicine promotes a two-way communication relationship between the health professional and the patient, focusing on health instead of waiting for a disease to be established to intervene.

Local ozone therapy by injecting ozone into the shoulder tissue
Injectable Ozonotherapy

Regenerate and move pain-free

The oxygen-ozone gas mixture can be applied in multiple ways:

  • Locally through a bell jar or a plastic bag according to the different parts of the body to be treated (leg, arm, etc).
  • Local injections through subcutaneous or intramuscular infiltration.
  • Through autohemotransfusion, which consists of extracting blood to which oxygen-ozone is added, mixed with the blood and without removing the needle, it is re-injected into the bloodstream.
  • Through rectal insufflation that is performed by applying the gas directly through a fine probe, as if it were an enema.
  • Through creams and ointments in the form of ozonated oils.
Local ozone therapy by injecting ozone into the shoulder tissue
Stem Cell Therapy

What to expect from the treatment?

The effects and it depends on the number of stem cells received and general state of health. The cocktail of vitamins and exosomes will shortly support the body and overall well-being, while for the stem cells it will take some days, weeks to exercise their healing potential.

We can summarize the Trophic factors – effects into four categories:

– Rejuvenation,
– Anti-inflammatory,
– Immune modulation, and
– Cell proliferation.

The fountain of youth with promising rejuvenation properties. Rewinds the cellular clock, by extending or enlarging the chromosome’s telomers. Stem cells extends the telomers and rejuvenates the organism.

Stem cells stops inflammatory processes in the body. The organism can regenerate without interference of constant inflammatory processes.

Stem cells modulate immune system to prevent autoimmune processes and thus assists healing more rapidly, without body attacking itself.

Finally, it does normal cells proliferation. Which is, stimulating rapid normal cells growth to regenerate the organism.




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