Visit Preparation

Before your visit

The clinic is a place of love, peace, kindness, and mindfulness. The healing takes place best when we Are. 

We want you to have the best experience visiting our clinic. Always bring a large towel and a sarong or a smaller sheet, to make yourself cozy. A glass bottle of water and your smile. 

Certain visits require us to respect a dietary recommendation. This is to obtain the best results. 

We do not make people healthier; we facilitate healing in partnership with you, your body, your minds and your spirit. Your health is your commitment to yourself and your community. The progress depends on you. Make health your priority with what you think, say and do.

Some healing modalities will require you to take things of your busy schedule and rest. The body needs the energy to heal, recover, regenerate, and rejuvenate. We just need to allow it.

​Budget your health plan.

1 Every Visit

Bring a large towel, a sarong or an individual bedsheet, slipper to make it personal and cozy. 

Please respect appointment’s time limit. If you need a longer consultation, we can book you one. Come on time, or else your visit will delay someone else’s appointment. 

Please execute body hygiene in particular cleanliness of the private parts before visit. Wash your hands before entering the treatment room.

For Colon Hydrotherapy, look for preparation recommendations below.

For all other visits, we recommend avoiding eating meat at leas one day before. Drink some lemon juice with water 15 min before breakfast and a single fruit smoothie or some fruit for breakfast. Hydrate with coconut water, pineapple juice, water with added a pinch of magnesium chlorite. 

Our clinic is a place of peace, kindness, and mindfulness. We light candles and scents to purify the energy of our space. We frequently wash our hands and walk barefoot to stay connected with the Earth.

We believe healing best occurs in a state of prayer. The intelligence that gives and sustain our life knows how to make us healthy again. We just need to assist and allow it. 

2 Your first visit with NLS diagnostics

“No food at least 2h before the diagnostic visit or Metatherapy treatment.”

The week before the visit, try to avoid meat, eggs, too much salt, spices, deep fried food, BBQ, processed food, alcohol, or other drugs.

Eat raw or cooked vegetables, juices, lemon juice with water in the morning before breakfast.

This will allow your body to detox and our diagnostic tool to detect true state of your whole being, rather than heavy food you might have days prior.

If you have any diagnosis, lab results, medication, please make sure to bring them with you.

We ask you to bring at least the 7 elements chemical blood test results, complete biometria hematica and general urine test results.

Tell the doctor any past traumas, illnesses, hospitalizations, symptoms, etc. The doctor will ask you many questions to establish the root cause. We are not asking questions to judge you, rather to help you understand the cause and getting you better.

Let us know if you have a bypass, implants, any microbattery operated devices etc.

Weare light clothes for comfort, for women, please wear bras without metal wires.

Remove all your jewelry, piercings, watches, etc. Best, leave them at home.

The diagnostic visit might lasts up to 2 hours, make sure to have a healthy snack, water and that you reserved enough time.

Metatherapy treatments are up to 1h long.


3 Preparation for Colonic Hidroteraphy

Basic preparation for colon hydrotherapy treatment:

Fast 18 hours prior to your visit.  On the day of the visit, best is if you only ingest liquides.  Absolutely no food 3 hours before the session. Drink lemon juice with a glass of water in the morning, grapefruit juice at least once during the day, and drink at least one liter and half to two liters of water. To optimize treatment and reduce the number of sessions conduct a special diet and activities.

What to eat before and after Colon Hydrotherapy:

  • Drink half a glass of warm water with half a squeezed lemon on an empty stomach.
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day.
  • Eat a grapefruit daily during treatment.
  • Take infusions of chamomile, mint pennyroyal, boldo, mint, sweetened with natural honey.
  • Fruits (strawberry, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, orange, jicama, apple, tangerine, banana, peach, mango, etc.)
  • Raw vegetables (carrot, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, avocado).
  • Fruit or vegetable juices.
  • Season vegetable broth with chicken, but do not eat the meat. (Prepare the broth with at least 7 vegetables, choose the ones you like best, tomato, onion, chard, cabbage, pumpkin, carrot, mushroom, potato, spinach, chayote, cilantro, parsley, etc.)
  • Brown rice one cup daily.
    Every third day you can supplement the diet with steamed or grilled fish.


Other options during treatment:

Senna Leaf Infusion

The senna or Cassia angustifolia, is an ornamental shrub native to Egypt. The leaves and pods are harvested twice a year and then dried to create medicinal teas, tinctures, and supplements.

Senna acts on the intramural nerve plexus or set of nerve endings that control the movements of the muscles of the intestine, which produces an increase in peristalsis (peristalsis are intestinal contractions to expel fecal matter) in the muscles smooth the colon, encourage bowel movement. It an effective relief for occasional constipation.

Laxatives, mucus, accumulation of water promotes the evacuation of fecal matter accumulated in the intestine.

Abdominal massage

PURPOSE: To help clear blockages and expel daily sediment.

PROCEDURE: Start the massage in the lower right part near your appendix and start with small circles or short movements and in an upward direction, that is, move up towards the rib cage. This is the direction of stool as it moves through the colon. Apply gentle pressure during the massage and progressively increase the pressure in the following days.

Ileocecal valve massage: Every day during the shower, perform a minute long circular massage near your appendix ileocecal valve. It will strengthen and tone your ileocecal valve. This valve is the gateway between the small intestine and the colon. Having a strong ileocecal valve will prevent stool from the colon from moving backwards into the small intestine.

Massaging near the appendix will also help move any stagnant and trapped fecal material. Stagnant fecal matter in the appendix can lead to a buildup of bacteria and appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix).

Massage in the transverse and descending colon; Once you have reached the ribcage or a little below, you must go to the left to the outer point of the left ribcage (transverse colon). And then it moves down towards your groin.

Take 2-3 minutes to do this massage and you will improve constipation, you will also begin to feel a general sense of well-being.

Spiral technique

OBJECTIVE: Main technique for skin detoxification.

PROCEDURE: Use both hands gently on the abdomen to loosen the tissues. Start massaging with your index fingers and one or more fingers together in small clockwise circles around your navel. At each point the sequence is to press, spiral and loosen the skin. Continue moving in small circles always in the same direction from the points you have worked previously. This will produce a large spiral that will extend from the navel to the outer limits of the abdomen.

Although this procedure primarily influences the small intestine, the clockwise direction also follows the path and direction of the large intestine. This movement encourages toxins to leave the body. This technique is particularly effective in the case of a constipated large intestine.

If you have diarrhea problems, you must work on yourself in a counterclockwise spiral. This will slow down the watery waste until it takes on the consistency of normal stool.

Recapitulation Technique

The recapitulation allows the recovery of energy lost throughout life, it is the means to cover the leaks in our energy field, it helps us to get rid of all those burdens that drag us throughout our present life and even the strained ones from previous ones.

Nerve cells in the gut come from the same germ layer as those in the brain. This means that, during the development of the embryo, nerve cells divide from the central nervous system that migrate to the womb and form a second nervous system in the intestines, the enteric nervous system, which is why they are embedded in the colon. All the undigested emotions or situations throughout our lives reflects in different disorders or imbalances in our body.

Working with the recapitulation technique along with colon therapy, you will be able to digest uncontrolled emotions, anxiety, depression, fear, hyperactivity, anhedonia, and other anomalies.




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